Friday, April 17, 2009

Website Spotlight of the Week:

This website is super exclusive and it is the first members only shopping community online. It is an Oprah Magazine Editor's Choice website.

If you are a member you get 90% off top of the line authentic brand handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, and other accesories. Most of the stuff is hand picked by editors, for example you can find last years "it" bag. They keep a limited number of members and you have to be approved. So sign up soon and get in where you fit in.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Extend the length of your lashes!

Say goodbye to annoying mascara. NovaLash offers lash extension that extends each indivisual lash, is bonded safely and securely with adhesive that is of surgical quality, and gives your lashes a natural full appearance. The price range is about $300, and can last for up to 6 months. Check for a salon in your area, at this website--> lashextensions

If thats not within your budget, you can opt for the second best thing.
I highly recommend shu uemura individual flare lashes. They retail $16 for a box at shuuemura with the glue sold separately for $8.50

Another option for lash extension is a more natural option: lash repair formulas. I have been researching this and I know of a few popular brands, such as peter thomas roth or enormous lash. I have decided to test out shu uemura's version. Lash repair, retail price: $22.00. I will keep you posted on my results in the following month!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Are You "Colour Ready?"

M.A.C Cosmetics has come out with a new collection called Colour Ready. The collection is quite small, it only has two eye shadows and two lipsticks. Unlike other M.A.C collections this collection has an eye brow filler, Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone, Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, and Prep+Prime Line Filler. The Collection also includes one Penultimate Eye Liner and 129 Powder/Blush Brush. For more information about the colors look at the pictures and notes under them, or go to


Lime green color with shimmers.
Retails for $14.50

White Frost
A nice white eye shadow with shimmers. Good for making an eye shadow seem lighter, Highlighting, or using on the lid to brighten your eyes.
Retails for $14.50


Show Orchid
Its a vivd hot pink (Amplified Creme)
Retails for $14.00

Amped-up fuchsia
Retails for $14.00

Liner and Brow Pencil:

Rapidblack (Liner)
True black color
Retails for $16.50

Stud (Brow Pencil)
Deep Rich blackened brown
Retails for $14.50

Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone
Light free oil creme the helps cloak visible pours, control oil and shine, and give your face a nice refined look.
Retails for $19.50

Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
A soft finishing powder that gives an invisible way to set makeup. Reduces shine while minimizing the look of pores, lines and any imperfections. Available in one universal colour that suits all shades. Wear over makeup or on bare, moisturized skin.
Retails for $21.00

Prep+Prime Line Filler.
Its a primer before you use foundation to soften and conceal any lines or wrinkles. The line filler is a dense creme the dries transparent and will give you a smooth and natural finish.
Retails at $19.50

129 Powder/Blush Brush
It has a short handle and comes with a pouch so you can carry it along with you. Its a good tool to use to apply any of the Prep+Prime things mentioned above or for applying any Blush/Powder that you have.
Retails at $34.00

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What colors make your eye color Pop?

A lot of make up artists refer to the color wheel for inspiration on a look. You may have seen it before in an art class. It looks like this----->

*refer to the opposite color of your eye on the color wheel chart, since opposites always attract.

Using the right eyeshodow color can really enhance the color of your eye dramatically. Try it out for yourself.

If your eyes are brown:

Use a deep sapphire blue shadow, or eyeliner. Blue will bring out the golden flecks in your brown eyes.

If your eyes are blue:

Use a rich chocolate brown, or a bronze to bring out the shimmer in your blue eyes.

If your eyes are green:

Use shades of purple, since purple tones will enhance the yellow flecks usually found in green eyes.

If your eyes are hazel:

Use shades of green-- anything from moss to lime green to forest green. Green shades bring out the red undertones usually found in hazel eyes, and makes them look brighter.